Union County Development Board
207 South Herndon Street
Union, SC 29379
Phone: 864.319.1097
Fax: 864.319.1099

Dolton Williams, Executive Director


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Welcome to
Union County

A Great Place to Work, Live, and Play.

Union County is a land rich in tradition…and even richer in its potential for economic development and business success.
Why Choose Union County

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Economic Development

An Emerging Hub for International Business

Union County offers the best of both worlds: a rich history and relaxed lifestyle combined with a dynamic economy and an eye on the future. With its highly developed infrastructure and a focus on technology and innovation, Union County is part of the dynamic international economic boom that is flourishing in the Carolina region. Global companies such as Milliken, Michelin North America, Fluor Daniel and BMW, among others, have already established North American headquarters in the Upstate region—our “backyard.”
This dynamic region, once known solely as “The Textile Capital Of The World,” is now become recognized for its significant contributions to the global economy, attracting international companies from all corners of the world, in a number of trending fields, including Automotive…Biosciences… Information technology…and Advanced Materials, to name a few.  

The Union County Development Board is conducted by a progressive team of leaders—with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. Together, they form an aggressive, positive, productive leadership team, knowledgeable in what it takes to drive and sustain economic development and growth throughout the region. Meet the Board »

Global Companies that reside in Union County, South Carolina

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With a wide selection of properties and buildings, Union offers a stable foundation to start, develop and grow your business.

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Stay updated on the latest news and events in Union County, South Carolina and find out how we are making a global inpact on our economy.

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Interested in learning more about the tradition, technology, and quality of life in Union County? Contact us today!

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