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Dolton Williams, Executive Director


Midway Green Industrial Park

Our industrial sites and parks have been developed through collaboration between state, city and county governments, private owners and the Development Board. Union County is a viable, vibrant place to do business.

Midway Green Industrial Park

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Midway Green Industrial Park

Union County, South Carolina

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  • Property Size: 141.00 ac
  • Zoning: Industrial Park
  • Water: 10mgd capacity; 4mgd excess capacity
  • Sewer: 6mgd capacity; 4mgd excess capacity
  • Electric Power: 34kV line; Available capacity >30MW
  • Natural Gas: 6,000mcf/day; 30 psi
  • Rail: Accessible – Norfolk Southern

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A Clear Vision for the Future

Midway Green Industrial Park, owned by Pacolet Milliken Enterprises, is a South Carolina Department of Commerce Certified Industrial Park. Pacolet Milliken Enterprises, Inc. is a private, family owned investment company with a history that dates back, through Milliken & Company, to the 1860’s. PME operates with an absolute commitment to carefully steward the earth’s resources, to better the communities in which it operates, and to respect its partners, directors, shareholders and management. We honor the values that guide the families ownership and take pride in conducting business in a way that reflects them. Served by Lockhart Power Company, this park has high reliability and low cost power. Over 99% of Lockhart Power’s owned generation comes from renewable resources. Landfill gas is available for generation, direct thermal use, and low pressure steam plus hot water. The adjacent wastewater treatment plant provides treated grey water for process needs. Perfect for large electrical consumers concerned with their environmental footprint.


Please consult the downloadable flyer for more details.

Site Specifications and Utility Providers

  • Owner: Pacolet Milliken Enterprises
  • Location: 265 Midway Drive Union, SC 29379
  • Sales Price:  $10,000 per ac
  • All Utilities Onsite
  • Water and Wastewater Provider: City of Union
  • Water Main Diameter: 10”
  • Wastewater Main Diameter:  8″ gravity
  • Electric Power Provider: Lockhart Power Company; a renewable energy utility
  • Natural Gas Provider:  City of Union
  • Gas Line Diameter:  4”
  • Telecommunications: AT&T and Charter Communications
  • Copper and fiber optic cable is accessible.
  • Site Due Diligence:  All Complete and Available