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Union, SC 29379
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Dolton Williams, Executive Director


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Responsive to our Unique Needs

UNION COUNTY — Among the benefits of economic development and efforts to promote it is that it brings people together to improve the community and the lives of its residents and that’s what the Opportunity Zone program is doing according …

$350 million and 1,000 jobs

UNION COUNTY — Much of the $350 million in new capital investment and the more than 1,000 new jobs Union County has enjoyed over the past decade has been due to the growth and expansion of existing industry which is …

Creating jobs and opportunities

UNION COUNTY — The story of the success of Standard Textile is the story of the company’s commitment to creating jobs for those who want to work, a commitment that dates back to the company’s founder, a refugee from Nazi …

At home or commuting all day

UNION COUNTY — A little girl wearing a pink necklace and holding a toy wand reminds her father not to be late for their tea party. A little boy at home plate getting ready to knock one out of the …